ENdie Update: A Hickory Wind is About to Begin

Phone1126 251Hello y’all,

I am sorry that I haven’t been rockin’ it on here in quite a while. Much has happened in the last several months. Many changes. Many.

I have been quite a busy person. Working on something quite different than ever before. Hell, I literally put down my classical instrument and picked up an ol’ pre-WWII country guitar for crying out loud. I’ve been learning to play and playing to write and writing for love. I told you guys I wouldn’t write it unless I can play it. My first words are coming at the same time my first twang is developing.

A while back, I decided to explore this idea about music—-and I found some interesting answers.  I can’t wait to share them with you.

I have been working on a serious music biography-project. One that I hope will be quite influencial and educational. I have a feeling it will reach Nashville in Cosmic proportions—it’s gonna be a story that will be one of the most intense and personal I have ever shared. Music is not just a passion for me, but a way of life. Music is heaven and hell on earth. That’s what’s awesome about it.

For those of you who recognize this jacket, you know who I will be talking about. At least you think you do.

Look for the Hickory Wind to arrive soon. Nashville’s gonna feel it.

Sound as Ever,